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AgaveBlu Spirits is a corporation composed of a diverse group of successful individuals with a common goal in mind. To produce, Import, market, and distribute the Worlds finest Spirits Products for the consuming public. We recently launched our ultra premium line of 100% Blue Agave Organic tequila's HACIENDA DEL SOL which are receiving rave reviews.

Our differentiation point within the category
is our Organic / Kosher status. Our products are environmentally friendly, as every step of the production process is organically approved,
from the growth of the Blue Webers Agave plants, to fermenting and resting process are all
naturally, organically certified.
AgaveBlu will roll out our Low Calorie
Organic Margarita campaign in Q1 of 2014. Traditional margaritas contain more than 500 calories, our low calorie margaritas only contain
120 calories, making our margarita a superior choice for health consious individuals.

The Latin market is also significant to the brand. Latin consumer trends are indicating
that the market segment is gaining more importance in product decision making. This
market segment is proving to be more upwardly mobile, and is spending more in the market.
Distributors have dedicated Latin market specialists that we are close with, and plan on
utilizing their services along with our expertise in delivering the Hacienda message.


Tequila Hacienda Del Sol  recently won Double Gold medals for our Blanco and Reposado presentations form Tequila Aficionado. We want to thank Tequila Aficionado for these prestigious awards!
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